Monday, August 11, 2014

Swag Bucks Dog Days of Summer Team Challenge

Swagbucks is about to make your summer even better! The Dog Days of Summer Team Challenge kicks off Tuesday, 8/12, and lasts until 12pm PT on Friday, 8/15. There will be 3 teams (assigned to you): Pool Party Posse, Laid Back Loungers, Bonfire buddies. How do you become eligible for bonus SB? Contribute at least 1 pt to your team by earning Swag Bucks - here's how:
  • Answer (Surveys): 6 pts
  • Encrave: 5 pts
  • Special Offers: 4 pts
  • Search: 3 pts
  • Mobile wins from SBTV Mobile, Special Offers on mobile, or EntertaiNOW app: 2 pts
  • Swag Codes: 1 pt
At the end of the challenge, all team members will get a bonus based on how well they're team did and how many point you contributed: 
Winning team members who contribute between 1 and 399 points to the team total will receive 25 bonus Swag Bucks; contribute 400 or more and get 100 Swag Bucks!
Runner-up team members who contribute between 1 and 399 points to the team total will receive 15 bonus Swag Bucks; contribute 400 or more and get 75 Swag Bucks!
Third place team members who contribute between 1 and 399 points to the team total will receive 10 bonus Swag Bucks; contribute 400 or more and get 50 Swag Bucks!

It's a fun way to try out different ways to earn Swag Bucks, all while helping you and your team win! Is you haven't signed up yet, Swagbucks is the greatest way to get gift cards for the things I do online. Don't waste any time, and sign up here.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Apps and Websites that I use to save money and get FREE stuff

This is a list of all the websites and apps that I use to get the FREE and discounted stuff.  Pick and choose what you would like to try!!

For each one, just click on the name and it will take you to the site.  I'm also including a brief description of what you do to get the points etc.

Point and Coin Earning sites

  • MyPoints           I've been a member for TEN years now!  It's really easy to join and you can trade the points for gift cards.
  • Swagbucks        I've also been a member here for a couple of years. This one has the option to do offers/missions.  I usually trade in my bucks for Amazon gift cards.
  • Superpoints        This site was around for a while, and then went down for about a year but it's BACK!!! You click the SuperLucky Button every day, click the link in the email and there's the option to do "offers" or missions.
  • GiftHulk             This one I don't do as often, but they send you codes for coins by email.
Shopping Apps
If you have a smartphone, this is a great way to earn extra money and gift cards!
On most of these, I check the apps before I go shopping and write down a list to save my battery life.
  • Jingit                   This one gives you cash in your paypal account.  You scan/buy certain items at the stores and sometimes you watch a video.  Very Easy!
  • Shopkick            You get "kicks" by "walk ins" at the stores.  You need to have location services turned on for this one, and there is the opportunity to get extra kicks by scanning items.
  • Ibotta                  This one is very popular!  You get cash in your paypal account for buying what you would normally buy.  
Online Shopping
These are the websites that I use to get discounts for my online shopping.
  • eBates                 I always check this one first when I go shopping online.  It also has codes for discounts.
  • Julep                   My nail polish site!!  I've been a member for over a year and the colors are fantastic.  If you're not a member yet, you can use the code FIRSTBOXFREE to get the first box for the cost of shipping.
  • Zulily                  I check this one daily also.  You can get a lot of stuff pretty cheap here, and I've had great service with them.
I will also be posting good deals from other sites as I find them, so check my blog every day!! 

It's time for a change

So, I've been using coupons for a while now, and I tried to use MoneySaverMarci, but having two blogs was too much.  Therefore, I'm restructuring everything here and I'm going to be adding the coupon and savings posts.  I figure that not that many people read it anyway, so it will be good to post the coupons and savings here. 

In the next couple of days, I will be posting the basics of couponing, and how I get so many things for FREE or at least really cheap.  

But, this is an introduction...I hope you enjoy all the deals that I'm about to post.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I Want My One Point, Please!!!

I know this may sound incredibly minor, I mean, it’s only 1 point, right?  But that point is the difference between a B and a C in this class.  And it all stems from two exams prior to the final.  On one exam, the teacher said he would give everyone a point back because he put the wrong information on the exam.  You can hear that below  at around  19 minutes through a little after 20 minutes. If the file isn't working, you can access it here. <----click comment-------="">

Then there is the third exam for this class.  The teacher said on the exam day he forgot to put in a question so it would be extra credit, three points to be exact.  I put the extra credit definition on the exam, but did not receive my 3 points.  I pointed this out when he gave use the exam back, and he said he would add that 3 points to my grade…but it never got added.  You can here that below, at around 15 minutes. If this file isn't working, you can access it here.  <----click comment-----click--="">

So, before the final, I typed up a study guide and figured what I would need to make a B in the class.  I’m pretty good at judging my grade and usually can point out which questions I get wrong.  And, for this class, I did just enough to get the B because I knew there was no way I would be able to get an A, and also I just wanted to take the exam and get away from this class/teacher.  This teacher is actually the reason that I changed my degree from AgriBusiness to Math.  I just couldn’t face another class with this teacher.  So, here’s some history with this teacher…

On the first day of class, he SUGGESTED that the table I was sitting at was crowded and that I might be more comfortable at another table.  I said I was fine and it wasn’t overcrowded.  I stayed where I was sitting because I didn’t think it was a big deal.  I was told by the other students after class that when he suggests something, he’s really telling you to do it.  So, I pissed off the teacher on the first day of class and it went downhill after that. 

There are other things, but it is not appropriate to say them here, because it has nothing to do with this situation. 

The thing that really upset me, is this.  When I went to the instructor about the grades he said he will address it in the fall semester, and I asked if it was possible to fix it this semester because that C has caused me to not get certain financial aid for the Summer sessions.  He said that he doesn’t have time, and it “requires a big form and I’m very busy.”

So, I went to the Dean of the Department, and the Dean tried to work with me about this. 

I was told the other day by my husband, who happens to have a class with this instructor, that he will see me before class the next day.  So, I went to see him.  As soon as I went to the office, he called in another faculty member and then talked to me.  The entire meeting was less than 3 minutes, and I was not given a chance to show any of my evidence.  He also called into question my INTEGRITY.  Now, I have the recordings of where it was mentioned about these things ON THE DAY HE RETURNED THE EXAMS, and that he said he would add those points.  Then during that meeting, he said that he “has absolutely no confidence” about what is on my exams because they have been in my possession all this time.  You can hear both conversations with him. (hopefully it's below)

You're going to have to skip to about 2 minutes in on both of these, and turn your volume up...I was recording it on my phone.

So, here is what it boils down to…the ONE POINT!!
Here is what my grades would be without those points added back into the exams, and what I would need to get a B.
            Exam 1            68
            Exam 2            94
            Exam 3            87
            Exam 4            ?
I would have had an 83 going into the final, and would have had to make at least a 71 to get a B in the class.
Here is what my grades would be WITH those points added back into the exams, and what I would need to get a B.
            Exam 1            68
            Exam 2            95
            Exam 3            90
            Exam 4            ?
I would have had an 84.3 going into the final and would have had to make at least a 67 to get a B in the class. 
On the final, I made a 68.  Yes, you can see that I really didn’t try that hard.

Another issue that was brought up and the reason that he would not change my grade is because I “have performed only average performance” and he doesn’t think I “deserve any other grade more than that.”  My position on this is:  IF I EARNED THE GRADE, I SHOULD GET IT NO MATTER WHAT HE THINKS OF ME.  It is stated in his syllabus that exams are “100 percent of your final grade”, there is nothing about class participation, nothing about getting a lower grade if I (as a student) don’t perform my best, and nothing about any other type of grade.  He did, however, put something in the syllabus, about attendance.  If you miss more than 3 classes, “one point will be deducted from the final grade for each class absence in excess of three unexcused absences. On a positive note, anyone who has a perfect attendance record will get the benefit of the doubt when their final grade is borderline.”  May I point out here that I had PERFECT ATTENDANCE.   

So, now I’m going through the formal grade appeal process.  By the time all is said and done, it will be too late for me to get the financial aid that I would have been able to get, had this grade been a B.  And, I doubt I will get it in the fall either because of this whole mess.  This really hurts me financially because I do not get Pell Grants, I only get this other aid, and loans.  YES, loans!  So this grant would have helped me considerably.