Friday, October 27, 2017

It's really bad when you feel you're being bullied by a University!

So, yeah...I fought for my first Amendment rights.
The week that the school got the letter, is the same week that all this new mess started, and it's now spiraled so out of control, I don't know what to do.

So, I went from being nominated a committee chair to being impeached, yeah the advisor kinda let them throw the rules out of the window for that one....I wans't given a fair hearing.  They changed it after they set it for me, I wasn't allowed to change the date, but apparently they have the right to.  And then they didn't notify me that the date I never cancelled my plans and didn't show up to the impeachment the verdict (which was written 5 days before) about 10 minutes after the hearing.  

Then...I was told to hand over a GMAIL account that was build for the Sergeant at Arms by another student.  GMAIL...not even a SFA email.  So, I did...before the deadline.  I told them I deleted everything, even though I put it all in one folder.  Apparently that is interfering with the living/learning environment because I had charges brough against me for Student Conduct by the advisor of the SGA, who happens to be the Dean of Student Affairs.  

Then the next morning I was told that I changed the password of said GMAIL account.  I spent the entire weekend trying to think of ways to help them get into the account, and of course there was NO COMMUNICATION...

So, that's the first conduct case.  Dated:August 30.  Then there's the Erica incident.  She asked me to not talk to her, I quit talking to her, and yet the wench (for lack of a nicer more family friendly name) filed harassment charges on me.  This was September 19.  Soooo...that's conduct case number 2.  

Now here's the really funny thing....
I got both letters about half an hour apart.  The first one was sent September 29, 2017 at 2:25 PM
The second one was sent September 29, 2017 at 2:52 PM.
AND...the case numbers are: 2017044101 and 2017044201 
Now....doesn't this seem a little odd that two cases sent so far apart are numbered sequentially, and I get them the DAY after I told Dr. Peck that I was putting information on the internet.'s the kicker...
According to The Code of Student Conduct, Section 10.4, this is what happens when they get a report:
"Upon receiving a report of an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the student conduct administrator will review the report and, if needed, conduct an initial investigation. If there is sufficient evidence to indicate that a violation may have occurred, a notice of allegations/charges will be sent to the respondent, including the alleged incident date and the nature of the charges, with instructions to appear in person at a designated location within five (5) business days to begin the student conduct process"
Then...regarding the investigation:
"The investigator mayalso gather and examine documents and other evidence relevant to the complaint and mayconsult with appropriate personnel for advice and guidance as applicable. The investigation should be completed within 20 business days. The investigator will document any reasons for an investigation taking longer than 20 business days. The investigation includes the preparation of the report of findings and recommendations (if appropriate). "

Why then was the first case, dated August 30, sent to me on September 29, 2017, a full 22 Yes you read that right TWENTY TWO BUSINESS DAYS after the fact.  
Oh yeah...the outcome of the first one:  I was found responsible because I SAID I DELETED FILES FROM THE GMAIL ACCOUNT, even though they were still there.  Apparently if you SAY SOMETHING ON THIS CAMPUS IT MUST BE TRUE...HECK...I SAY YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO GIVE ME A FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP AND PAY ME FOR ALL THIS BS.  Oh doesn't work that way does only works when they want it to work.

So, I go to the first hearing.  I told them that day that I somehow lost the paperwork that had a stupid survery on it regarding the Student Code of Conduct policy.  I asked for the link to do the survery.  After the third email, and almost a week later I was told that they don't give the link out again because they expect students to keep up with the paperwork...that's all fine and dandy, IF SAID STUDENT PUTS THEIR OWN PAPERS IN THEIR OWN BAGS.  As it stands, I have an attendant.  I asked him to put the papers in my backpack on the back of my wheelchair.  I asked him to put them in the big section of my backpack.  Apparently, he felt the back section that he put them in was good enough because I couldn't find these papers until almost 10 days later. 
Which brings me to the new charges  (I THINK) Failure to obey a university official and providing false information to the university.

I found the paperwork totally by accident when I was cleaning out my backpack...actually I was looking for PMS stuff if you know what I mean, but it required cleaning out my entire backpack.  So, apparently providing false information to the university is a very punishable offense.  

Teacher: Did you read this chapter?
Student: Yeah
Teacher: If you had read the chapter you would have seen that such and such happened, it's one of the first things mentioned.

Result: Referred to the rights and responsibilities office.  Can you imagine what would happen if every student that provides false information at one time or another is sent to the office of student rights and responsibilities.  

Here's my question:  WHY ME?  WHY AM I THE ONE BEING SINGLED OUT FOR ALL THIS?  My guess is, and I'm fairly certain I'm 100% right about it, the University higher ups know that I've already filed one First Amendment complaint against the University.  I've also filed ONE ADA complaint, but several more to follow.  I'm calling the school out on their BS and inaccessibility, and I'm being punished for it.  At least that's what I think it is.  I mean, what else could it be?  Has any other student gotten into this much trouble for supposedly lying?  Has any other student gotten trouble for saying they deleted something?  

There's a theme here...if they want to get rid of me, then allow me to go to school at another college.  You want to be rid of me, fine....don't fucking tell me that you want me to stay her, and that  you are still rooting for me to graduate...i can only take so much BS.  And frankly, I'm done with the BS.  I'm putting all this out there.  The Dean of Student Affairs is Dr. Adam Peck, his office number is: 936-468-7249.  

I don't know what else to do with all this.  Yes there is a legitimate case here, but I can't afford the attorney to fight it.  Yes, I am very scared to go on campus to go to class, so scared that I'm to the point of taking a Xanax every day when I go on campus.  I go on campus, and then high tail it off campus every day.  I don't hang around, I have decided to shut out the entire world and just listen to my headphones every day. 

If anyone reading this knows an attorney that is warm hearted and will fight for those that can't afford to, or just fight for what's right, send them my way.  I just wan tto be left alone...please let me keep my dream of getting my degree.  

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