Friday, August 5, 2011

New Giveaway, easy entry

My first giveaway using rafflecopter.  This is going to be short.  This is for a digital camera.  Each vote gives you an entry.  Very easy, one vote per ip!


  1. I am reporting this blog as a fraud. You held a contest and never awarded the prlze to anyone. You are dishonest and a cheat.

    ps: it's very telling that my captcha word was SKANK...

  2. Hello Anonymous who thinks of me and SKANK. Yes, there was a winner and I've contacted them...if you're so interested in this, then please leave your name!! There are winners for my contests and they do get the prizes!

  3. Why comment anonymously? Are you so cloaked in anonymity that it makes you brave? Sad, that! If you have a beef with the contest then ask about it. Don't hide. I'm sick to death of you 'anonymous' jack asses.