Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday {SOOC} Straight Out of the Camera Linky

 So, I've been saying that Monster is really smart.  Well, I have a baby gate that has a two step release.  You have to slide the red part over and then lift the other part.  Well, after less than a year of it in our house, Monster has figured it out.  So, now we have to improvise...again! Enjoy.

By the way, this is more Daddy Ingenuity!!


  1. Ah yes, kids are so quick at figuring that kind of stuff out. lol We've used a belt to hold a gate closed at the bottom of the stairs before. The older two kids knew how to open it but the youngest couldn't figure it out for a little while.

    You may have to come up with your own mommy contraption though as daddy's looks like it could become a possible safety hazard. lol Good luck keeping your little one out of mischief. ;p

  2. Yeah, we're (I should say I'm) working on something else to hold it closed. The problems is, Monster is incredibly smart. He actually got on his daddy's laptop last night and got on the internet, and then went to youtube and started a video of "The Circle of Life"...we're still trying to figure that one out!!!