Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Because it's FRIDAY!!

First I want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone that has helped me this month with the BIG blog contest that I've entered.  Secondly, I want to say "THANK YOU" to the tag police that have clearly decided that I don't have the support from my wonderful friends and fans!  

Third...for most of my friends this was the first week back at school for the kiddos.  Did you survive the week?? Lemme know, if you want! 

And last but not least because I'm in a SNARKY mood because I have been seriously IRKED by said tag police I'm going to have a giveaway.'s how it's gonna go.

1. Because of the above situation, I've done some serious cleaning of my FB fan page!
Now, in case I deleted you BY ACCIDENT please feel free to "like" my page again for this giveaway.  

2.  You MUST post on my wall that you're a fan, either new or old and leave the link in the form below.  If, by some weird circumstance you're unable to comment on my wall, please email me. (remember I am TheMarciFactor and things do go all sorts of crazy just by being associated with me) 

3. Hope you get the lucky email!  And, depending on my mood (it is the first week of school after all) I may or may not give away more prizes for this giveaway!  Input SNARKYNESS!!!

I didn't want to do any giveaways during said blog contest because I did NOT want any confusion as to me offering this giveaway, you DO NOT have to do anything other than the 3 items above.  This is not associated with any "contest" of any sort, and this is just because I'm a smartalec SNARKY person!! 
Yeah Yeah, I guys LOVE me! LOL.

Pat yourselves on the back!! You've survived the first week of back-to-school!!!!
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  1. Wow I would love to win though I was wondering If these items could be left at a check or a gift card instead. As I don't use Paypal. Even If you lower the money that we win to get the Gift card or check. I found your blog because a blogger of mine not naming names was bad mouthing your site and doesn't look like that bad.

  2. Yes, I would send it as a gift card if that is what you prefer. I could even do Amazon if that's what you would like since you don't do paypal.