Friday, October 19, 2012

Bullying in a "blog group" is still BULLYING!

I got several emails this past week from a couple of friends and I've been torn all week on whether or not to post this.  But, BULLYING IN A CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP IS STILL BULLYING!!!

So, I'm going to post this.  

Back in August Coach had a Color Tag contest for bloggers and I entered.
Along with a bunch of other blogs...

And, throughout the month I added other color tags and all of my wonderful friends and fans tagged them for me.  THANKS EVERYONE! 
But then, I started going up in the contest and people started getting scared (in my opinion)

So, I started getting attacked about it.

Now, I don't mind getting attacked, but BULLYING IS STILL BULLYING even if it's adults.

So, I've spent the day compiling screencaps AND the names of the blogs that go with the people who have been making these comments. 

 In the above picture there are the following people and blogs:
Steph Anie = CouponClipinista
Jodi Stevens = FreetailTherapy
Michelle Kaunitz = unknown
**Update:  I have removed another name because that person has also EMAILED me and asked me to remove their name, without threats and malice!!**

This is the blog post she made about me where it's password protected supposedly because of an FBI investigation.
Krista Lafave = couponfreestuff
Jennifer Williams = unknown
Angel Poling = greenvics
**Update: I have removed another name because that person has reached out and apologized without threats and malice.**

 The above THREE pictures are all from the same post!!
I'm tired of saying names but you can see what they are saying!!!

 In this post, they are implying that I'm on something!

 And this one speaks for itself!!

 The above one is calling me and a friend of mine names...again BULLYING!!!
**Update: I have changed this picture because the person that made the innocent comments has EMAILED me and asked me to remove their name...without threats and without malice. To this person, I apologize for not removing your name sooner.  Thank you for your kindness in this awful situation.**

 This is just plain MEAN!!! If you have ever gone through a miscarriage you know the heartbreak that you go through!!!  This is just plain MEAN!!!

SO I URGE EVERYONE TO BOYCOTT THESE BLOGS!!! The coupons that they post and you print out...yeah THEY GET PAID FOR YOU TO USE THEM!!!  Not to mention, most of the things that they write about, they are affiliates for them!!! 

Help stop BULLYING!!! Even though it's in a private group it's still bullying, and when I saw the last post about my miscarriage, yes I was in tears!!!
How can anyone be that mean?  How can anyone be that cruel?? 
Please forward this post to all people you know and also don't click on their links or use their referrals!! 

I'm an affiliate for some coupon sites also and I do some of the referrals, so if you're interested please let me know and I will give you the links!!


  1. Wow--saw your post--very sad that you had to deal with such a difficult situation. Good for you bringing forward--Bullying should not be tolerated anywhere!

  2. I think what you did was brave and when people realize they are going to account for their actions then they will think twice about doing it. So often the internet opens the door to unacceptable behavior because the person is removed from the physical contact of face to face and starts feeling unaccountable for their actions. Words hurt and the same card of delivering them should be taken on or off online communications.

  3. Please take my name off of there. All I said was "omg haha" and you are portraying all of us to be bullies.

  4. If you're name is on the screenshots, I'm not going to take it off...You participated in the bullying. I'm sorry, but you could have spoken up. Bullying is all about peer pressure and you participated!

  5. YOU NEED THERAPY!*shakes head*

  6. It goes both ways, and you are no better than any of them. The video I commented on had nothing to do with you, so please explain to me how that is participating. Thanks.

  7. Take my name out off these screenshots immediately. For someone against bullying, you sure do like making broad accusations.

  8. Again, I'm not going to take names off. No matter what the threats. I feel that if you participated (and I DID NOT just add any names, I just matched up the names with the blog they belong to) then you bullied. Simple as that. I'm not bullying by posting this, and I'm not doing any bullying. I've taken a stance against bullys and I'm not going to let you win. You called me names and talked about me behind my back. I had people that gave me screenshots because they felt it was wrong. If you're threatening action against me because your name was in the screenshots, what are you scared of? Why do you want your name removed?

  9. I am not asking for my name to be removed. I would like to mention that there is a line between bullying, voicing opinions on someones behavior, and being mean.

    Under your definition of bullying, which is not fully correct. You have just demonstrated it. Your post is, in itself bullying, people that voiced an opinion or questioned the truth of something.

    As for advertisements, the readers themselves have a choice to click on them. Whether it makes them a few cents or not does not matter. As you stated you have them. I think that what you have done and said has gone further than bullying. Not one of the people above goes after your blog or questions your way of making money. You are screen-shotting something that was caused as a DIRECT response to something you did, Remember that.

    I don't see where you have screen-shot any of your comments, if you go to the FB post listed and read further on, you will see exactly where you attacked someone AND deleted it. Thus, confusing newer readers because people responding to what you had wrote. They then had to ask why they couldn't follow the discussion.

    Marci, you have also participated and instigated a lot of the "bullying" you are accusing others of. I will stand by everything I have said, I will not delete or hide things that would put me in a bad light. That seems to be what you do, now if you were honest with your readers and showed them things that you have said, including your deleted comments-then maybe my opinion would be different.

    This to me was childish, I believe you have better things to be doing with your time than spending time doing this. So with that said, so do I and I am done with this whole thing. Again voicing opinions, concerns does not equate bullying.

    BTW, did you screenshot where {as a group} we should report a FB page that was still bullying a girl that committed suicide because of bullying?? I guess not, guess what we all got together and reported it because what that girl ended up dying for WAS because of bullying! And she was still being bullied afterwards. Maybe that will help you in defining the true meaning of bullying.

  10. No you were talked about in a private group, behind closed doors. That's just gossip and women being snarky. That's what we do sometimes. Blasting it all over the Internet is bullying IMO. You are trying to ruin people's reputations and you are not making yourself look any better than these people.

  11. I did not start this, and these posts were in a group where I COULD NOT defend myself. According to cyberbullying is defined as: Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

    Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles. (
    Therefore, this is bullying. I'm glad that you're not asking for your name to be removed and I hope that EVERYONE can learn from this, myself included! I don't like having people as "enemies" and would rather be friends. The reason I posted this, and I was torn all week about it, was because of what was said about my husband and my pregnancy. That was a little too much and too far.

  12. I'm not going to argue. Even if it's in a group, it's still bullying. The people in that group said mean things about my husband, me and my son, along with my pregnancy. How can someone tell their children being a bully is wrong, when they are doing it behind closed doors? I won't respond to comments anymore, but I will answer emails. I do ask that these emails not be posted in the group.

  13. I would like to point out again, that this is being misinterpreted. None of the above is causing harm to you. "Cyber-bullying is defined 1)actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another or others. 2.)use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person 3.)use of internet service and mobile technologies such as web pages and discussion groups as well as instant messaging or SMS text messaging with the intention of harming another person."

    "Examples of what constitutes cyberbullying include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient. The actions are deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior intended to harm another." {All from Wikipedia}

    Nobody was doing anything other than voicing their opinions. Nobody threatened harm to you or your family. There was no falsehood involved or anything that falls under the definition because it is people voicing their opinions. Now, what you have demonstrated in posting this could fall in a gray area, because you are calling out others on and threatening some of their income.

    I am not saying I totally agree with the bullying law, but it was put in place for certain reasons. And this is not one of those reasons, it was meant to protect people that are being bullied. There is are huge differences as I have stated many times. It is when people use the definition to suit their needs instead of the true meaning for the law is where the problem lies.

  14. Then by your on accord what you did to me was cyber bullying and threatening bodily harm to myself and my children over a purse take it well above and beyond...

  15. You are bullying me by me being part of a Blog Group? I don't know you, or have said anything about you.

  16. I don't know you, but I believe this falls under bullying as well. You have a choice in life: You can blow up and make a big deal about things or you can choose to let it slide off your shoulders and move on with your life. I believe in the second one. Putting people's names up and asking others to ban the named blogs is deliberately calling for action that could be damaging. That is cyber-bullying.

  17. How about you stop worrying about bullying and be an adult? Aww you got picked on boo hoo. MOVE ON! Why are you messing with them at all if they aren't being nice?

    The nice thing about the internet is that your browser has a close button and your computer has on off button. If your dealing with it it is because you choose to.

  18. Of course you have no idea what the term being bullied is to bandy it about. Did they make direct threats? No. Did they tell you to do something like take yourself off the internet or harm yourself? NO.
    Are we forgetting it's a free country? Freedom of expression. Grow up little girl. I mean you say you posted you lost a baby and your spouse lives across the street. Walks away shakes head I feel bad for needless fake drama. Autopilot you said it was a purse

  19. Me saying I think you are absolutely crazy isn't bullying. Its my opinion. I do sincerely hope that you give that baby up for adoption and someone takes "Monster" off your hands. If a miscarriage really broke your heart, you wouldn't even be debating whether to keep your baby or not, as if it matters what gender it is or how it will affect you.

  20. (Post 1 of 2) I've sat here debating if I was going to say anything at all, because I'm in a FB group that Marci is too. I hate drama, I hate seeing the pot stirred, I'm almost 40 I'm beyond this already. But.. I can't seem to keep my mouth shut about this whole drama llama riding up in all this.

    One.. I don't follow any of the bloggers mentioned, nor do I follow Marci I happened to see her post this link as I said in a group I'm in. So yeah I got nosy and read, BUT I was also fully aware of a blogger conspiracy with cheating on Coach. I too did Coach and I'm damn proud to say I finished in the top 25. I tweeted and FB'd my ass off to get people to colortag my pages, to which they did.

    Two.. I'm a sweeper first and blogger second. Do I use my blog to post links for entries? You bet I do, but I also disclose that I will receive entries and offer a straight link to the sweeps. So with that said there is one thing that gets under my skin quicker than anything else and that's seeing cheating done with sweeps. I see it day in and day out and see people get DQ'd for it, which makes me happy. I am an ethical blogger, an ethical sweeper, with one email for each.. I play fairly.

    Marci - do I believe you intentionally tried to play the system and cheat? Absolutely I do. So there is my two cents on that. Do I believe it's you keeping this drama llama on it's ride? Absolutely I do that too. You can't stop talking about it, you are creating and keeping this debacle going. Just be quiet about it already, you are putting your foot in your mouth and creating trouble for yourself.

    Next.. I know laws, rules, and all the above. Rule 1. The FBI is not involved in this to ANY Capacity. They are NOT the federal governing agency that over sees sweepstakes and contests. So knock that FBI nonsense right out of everyone's heads. TWO - you took copied and pasted screen shots from a PRIVATE Page! You are now liable for everything you posted and those bloggers in that group can come after you legally. You checked that box that says "I agree to terms" when signing up for FB and FB can dump all your pages if they feel the need to for violating their terms. You violated privacy by posting these screen shots. You out right threatened their income with telling people to boycott pages. We ALL are members of affiliate groups, question is do all of us disclose that as per FTC Blogger guidelines? I know I do. If you have any type of attorney retained they would have gagged you period! Don't talk about it, don't post about it, don't keep the drama going.

  21. Post 2 of 2 - So with this all being said. ONE the ladies in that private group need to find out who's the one creating all this drama by sending screen shots and such. TWO - Marci you are bringing this on yourself. Quit posting about it, talking about it, you are the one who keeps bringing this back into the spotlight then wonder why people say what they do. THREE - there was no form of bullying put into any of those posts. Those were women gossiping (women do that) they didn't directly threaten you, harm you, or any of the above. They voiced their opinions about how they feel about you in a private group, it was nothing publicly put on the internet.. until you did it just now! I live in the city where Jamie Rodemeyer lived trust me I'm very well abreast in the bully laws because of all the national press that has been here over a tragic incident. If you so choose to air your entire life story on your blog that is your perogative, but remember with the airing of those posts you are asking for people to talk about what you posted on. Isn't that the whole point of posting period, to drive traffic to your site? In a positive way though, but your posting is your's and you can choose to post about whatever your little heart desires. Remember.. you aren't going to make everyone happy 100% of the time. Move on from this and quit dwelling on it, it's bringing you down. If you feel like you are being bullied them start filing complaints.. with Facebook, Blogger, Twitter. But seeing this was all said in a private group and no threats against you were written I don't see how FB will do anything other than get angry at you for publicly airing a private groups message thread.

    You got DQ'd from winning... move past it, get past it, find something else to enter. There are a gazillion contests and sweeps at any given time, another one will come along.

    So you can get mad at me.. hate me.. dis me.. whatever. I'm grown, I'll get past it. Bottom line, you were wrong to air private posts on a web page.. and they were wrong to gossip about you in front of your face if you are a member of that group. So leave it if you are and brush it all off. Lastly, all these legal threats need to stop. You can be sued just by a threat (this is at both sides). If there was truly any type of FBI investigation or legal matters pending NO ONE would be talking about on a blog post. Evidence, you create a online footprint and trust me ANYTHING can be traced and pulled back up if it was done off a computer.

  22. Marci is NOT a member of the CLOSED group these screen shots came from. Monday morning there will be a lot of busy attorney's.

    1. Krista, there is nothing illegal about taking screenshots from a Facebook page. Companies do it all the time. So do news agencies.

    2. there is from a CLOSED group that is a PRIVATE group

  23. I just think it's interesting not one of the people who posted nasty comments is willing to own up to it and act like a responsible adult, save for ONE person who apologized on the FB page. Many of you are mothers - what a FINE example you're setting for your children!
    I've known Marci for years and while we did not get along at first, we get along now. She's helped me on several occasions and has been a great sounding board when needed.
    For the person who complained about the posts being "cropped", they're cropped for size. Note the posts in the previous image correspond with the previous ones.
    Whatever happens with any of you or your blogs is on your hands. This is the reputation you've created for yourselves. Wanna blame someone, look in the mirror.

  24. I honestly didn't read through all the comments because I knew it was full of negativity and I just don't need that in my life. Regardless of one's position on whether this is bullying or not, everyone should be careful about what they say and where they say it because you never know where it will show up.

  25. I've read screen shots of your friend Melissa threatening my friend, so really who's the bully here.
    If you cheat, you cheat, and you can bet people will call you out on it. If anything you were being teased for your actions, teasing and bullying are two different things in my opinion.

  26. My suggestion is to delete this post and stop the bullshit. On both sides. You are not in fucking middle school. Just move on.

    1. I don't know why you would say "wow" to this comment when this entire post is ridiculous. GROW UP.

  27. I have actually been the victim of bullying by one of these same bloggers. Sad.

    1. I had a problem with one of the bloggers too. When you have all day to sit and gossip about others you really need to get a real job & real life.
      Keep this post up! Nice to see what the bloggers are like in real life.

  28. I just wanted to add that I don't agree or disagree with anything said in any of the posts, as I didn't read the full post. I don't know if anyone cheated, nor do I care. I just saw a name and thought "hm - I've been bullied by her"

  29. I'm glad that you spoke up!!! I have gotten threats and a lot of people told me to take this down as it's controversial but I'm standing my ground, it's the only way to let BULLIES know that they need to be held accountable for their actions...not only that, but other people should know what's going on.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. You learn about bloggers to when the have you "Friend" them on FB also.
    I am not picking sides here because all bloggers cheat somehow or another to get something free, I see it all the time.