Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cool New Nail Polish Colors At SneakPeeq

I log into SneakPeeq daily to see what specials have been added. 
And I've always been a fan of nail polish and pretty colors.
Right now, SneakPeeq has Color Club Nail Polish.'s getting added to my ever growing collection of nail polish!

The SneakPeeq price is around $12 for two bottles, BUT, there's also a HOLIDAY HEAD START badge hanging around.  I got it earlier today and it's for $10 off any purchase which makes this awesome set only $2 for me!! 

Now, remember these sales only last a couple of days, and there's always different discount badges hanging around.  All you have to do is peeq the different products and you can earn different badges.  I've found a free shipping badge and a 15% off badge...I think there was a 25% off badge also, but I let it expire.  
I enjoy looking around at the different products that are added daily and getting surprised by the different badges.
So, head over and tell me what you're able to find!!

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