Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Time to Start Stocking Stuffer Shopping!

Can you believe that Christmas is less than three months away!  
This is when people start shopping, but I'm done.  
I always start shopping the day after Christmas and put things away all year.  That way I can grab the great deals and still have extra funds around the holidays.

BUT, I still do extra shopping around the holidays, especially for stocking stuffers.
And, that brings me to They have great deals that only last for a couple of days and around the holidays last year, they had awesome flash deals!!

Right now they have this awesome Druzy Pearldrop Ring for only $14.

And these Druzy Pearldrop Earrings are also only $14. 
Both of these will make great stocking stuffers for just about anyone in your family that loves jewelry.
Let me know if you get them.  I got them and can't wait to wear them this year!!


  1. Love these! So pretty and great for stocking stuffers.

  2. Those are quite pretty! I will have to bookmark this. I don't start stocking stuffing shopping until black Friday. :)

  3. Nice!! I cannot believe that Christmas is around the corner. Thanks for sharing