Monday, October 22, 2012

Quiznos Flavor Quest Sweepstakes and IWG

Yes, I'm a sweeper and I enter the instant wins.  Sometimes, I get lucky, like today.
DH and I were figuring out what to have for dinner while I was doing my daily Instant Win Games.
Then, I actually WON one...a small win, but still cool.
It was the Quiznos Flavor Quest and I entered the instant win part and got this:
So, I figured the email would come in a couple days, but no, this one was right away and I won a $20 Quiznos Gift Card.

Well, our decision was made! We were gonna have Quiznos for dinner since we hardly ever eat there.

We went in and the girl there had NO CLUE what to do.  
She asked me to come back tomorrow, and this was after waiting half an hour for her to try to figure out how to put the gift card in.  Needless to say, I was NOT HAPPY!
Especially since we had already let Monster open his chips and have his drink!

So, on the way out, I asked for the owner/managers number because I had intended on calling ePrize in the morning.  A thought came to me...I called him.
Mr. Lee was extremely nice.  He asked if I could head back up to the store and I said yes since we were only one exit down the road.  By the time we got back to the store, he was already there AND had the gift card ready for me!!!!

So, we had Quiznos for dinner.  The girl learned how to do the gift cards. And I think I made a new friend.  I want to say a big 
to Mr. Lee and the Lufkin Quiznos for helping us have a GREAT DINNER!!!
P.S. I couldn't link it exactly, so here's a screencap with the information for Lufkin Quiznos.
Drop by and have a good meal!!

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