Friday, November 16, 2012

Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls Review and Giveaway

I try to be natural and eco-friendly in my small East Texas Town.
When I moved in, DH didn't use dryer sheets or dryer balls and his clothes were so full of static it drove me crazy.  So, I got dryer sheets, which he didn't like.  These days the only thing I use dryer sheets for is mosquito control when we're outside.

Now, I use dryer balls, and after buying some that fell apart I discovered Buddha Bunz.
These are 100% wool dryer balls and they work GREAT.
I use the undyed because I'm scared of the color coming off on my clothes, but I've been assured that this DOES NOT HAPPEN! (Yeah, I'm stubborn...I will stick with the undyed)
I also got to two a set with some scents and I chose the "Lily of the Valley" scent.  
Now, I was skeptical about the scents of dryer balls, but when I got them, DH actually took one of the balls and set it in the living room because he liked the smell so much.  One little ball was enough to scent my living room until I stole it back.

So, what do I have to say about Buddha Bunz dryer balls?  
These are the only kind I will use from now on!  They're natural and smell wonderful.   They won't harm Monster's cloth diapers (I dry the inserts in the dryer) and his training pants.  They're also wonderful for our clothes.  When I take my clothes out of the dryer now, they smell so nice and that scent also radiates to our room from the closet.  

The wonderful owner of Buddha Bunz has sent me the 2 sets of dryer balls that I tried, AND is generously giving away 2 more sets of unscented, undyed dryer balls.  Not only that, but if you head over there now and use the code "TheMarciFactor" for a 15% discount!!! This is good until next Wednesday, November 21 when the giveaway will end. 

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