Sunday, December 9, 2012

FREE Paperblanks Calendars--Just pay SHIPPING

I've already told you how I love Fab.
Well, here's another reason.  
You can get these AWESOME Paperblanks Calendars FREE....Yep, that was FREE, just pay shipping of $4.95!! 
I have to say this is a great deal as I got the Ornate Fuchsia Weekly Calendar from another site a couple weeks ago.  And I already have it in hand.
These come with not one but TWO ribbons to keep track of your appointments.  I'm using mine to mark the monthly at a glance and the second one to mark the weeks.  
Now, how do you score this for the shipping cost?  WELL...first you need to send me a Facebook friend request HERE.  Then, join Fab HERE.  As soon as I've accepted your friend request, I will send you the $10 Fab gift card through Wrapp.  
If you get the $10 Calendars, then all you have to pay is shipping.  There are some that are more, and in that case the gift card will be taken off of the total amount.  YOU DO NOT NEED A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO USE THIS CARD!
Below is a screencap of the gift card automatically applied to your account on checkout.  I hope this helps you guys!

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