Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to get TWO WEEKS of Hulu Plus for Free!

This is perfect because I was writing a post on how I'm going to save money in the New Year.  While getting rid of our satellite TV wasn't on the list, I'm really thinking about it...if it wasn't for those darn sports channels!!!

Right now you can get TWO WEEKS of HULU for free! This is a great way to try it out and see if you like it!

All you have to do is send me a friend request (sorry this can only go to friends) HERE and I will accept it.  Then as soon as I accept the friend request, I will send you the FREE gift card for TWO WEEKS of Hulu Plus!  Now, you do need to put in credit card information because if you don't cancel after the two weeks you will be charged the $7.99 a month.  Which is still very reasonable for having TV shows on your computer or tablet!!!

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