Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For Lack of a Better Tittle...

Yes, this is one of those posts.
Where you wait for hours until you're calmed down enough to think coherently...
where you're eyes are still puffy from crying the night before...
where you can't BELIEVE what you have been accused of...
and the people don't even have the audacity to tell you to your face.
Yeah...it's one of those posts.

See, I'm not worried about defending my integrity.
I'm not worried about confronting my accuser.

First, let me say this. (Without names of course)
Everyone knows that I don't get along with my family. I've always been different from my family.
When my husband and I got married, we decided to make our family about US.  
Not his family, not my family...but US.
We did this for a reason.
My family sucks!  Big time!!!
They don't have the same values that I do.  They don't have the integrity that I do.
My husbands family is just distant.  And, we're OK with that.  We always have been.
I DO NOT say anything negative about them.  I have the utmost respect for them.  ALL OF THEM.
It's just that we don't get along as well as other families.
Two incredibly strong willed women in the same room does not make for peaceful conversation.  

With that said...I HAVE NOT, NOR WILL I EVER SAY NEGATIVE THINGS about a certain person.  
Because of how far this situation has gone, I'm being general.  I want it that way so that I can't be ACCUSED again of saying negative things about someone.

Now, the person and/or people that have accused me of this is someone that I know.  
I wasn't told the exact specifics, but was told that I would see the accusations and documentation when the time came.

Now, for the other part of these accusations, which is totally appalling to me.
I was told that there were complaints from mutual people that I "share too much on Facebook".

Ummm...HELLO!!!! I'm a blogger and social media person.  It's what I do.  

If you don't like what I do, then please don't follow me.  I'm not forcing you to read my blog.
I'm not forcing you to read my Facebook posts.  
And I'm really not forcing you to interact with me.

I've lost friends because of unanswered text messages.  I've lost friends because they don't want to talk.  I've lost friends over simple misunderstandings.  Every friend that I've lost because of this hurts me deeply.  I don't let people into my life lightly because of what has happened in my past.  When I do, I would walk through fire for that friend.  To think that I would abuse a friendship is just heart wrenching.  To just throw it away hurts me more than anything.  

Which is why I spent all of last night crying my eyes out.  Not only have I lost friends, but things in certain situations have gone way past simple drama.  I'm leaving a group that I care very deeply because I don't like fighting, and would rather avoid it.  

I'm sorry to rant, and I'm sorry if this seems disjointed, but this is how I feel.  I'm hurt and I'm in shock.  

Oh yeah, I was also told, not to share anything on Facebook...for those that want to accuse me...THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK.  And the last time I looked, the first amendment gives us freedom of speech.
I haven't said anything specific about anyone.  I haven't said any names.  


  1. HAVE FAITH! Those persons are just controlling & jealous! You've made so many friends through social media. I share the giveaways I've entered EVERYDAY! Anyone who is my facebook friend including family....I tell them how they can "HIDE" my post! If that is not enough, they can just now follow me on Facebook or twitter. My Account are For Entering my giveaways & interacting with bloggers & sponsors. Personal friends can follow me or not. They have my home number if they would rather follow my life in person.
    On the other hand, a XFriend of mine still to this day uses Facebook to "panhandle"...always asking for money, dog food, a ride somewhere OR worse like it's a Dating site & trying to hook up with strange men. Now THAT to me crosses the line!
    If you're doing giveaways entering or hosting, sharing you inner thoughts (rants against something you feel strongly for or against...then Kudo's too you darling! That is What Social Media is FOR!
    Stick to your Texas roots & tell these nosy bodies to "KISS YOUR GRITS".

  2. PS: One of the main traits of an ABUSIVE person is to ask you to Keep silent. They do not want Their evil actions to be known. Silence, isolation & fear is how they Keep control of their victims! There are many levels of abusive personalities. From the controlling & jealous friend, family member, lover, co worker to the out right criminal. When you see these red flags you should turn away. Looks like you've done that! Prayers for your strength against your adversaries!