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A Secret London by Kristine Valenzuela

Title A Secret London
Author Kristine Valenzuela
Publisher DoctorZed Publishing
Release 2014-12-01
Category Juvenile Fiction
Total Pages 40
ISBN 0992555388
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

From the creators of Monster Circus and A Secret Sydney. Experience London’s famous landmarks and events through the eyes of fairies. Dance with the performers of Covent Garden. Fly around Piccadilly Circus. Join the Changing of the Guard. Walk on the Tower Bridge. Take a ride on the London Underground. Play tennis on Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Every page uncovers a secret as each illustration and poetry beautifully paints the hidden world of fairies that lies within everyday London. See the UK’s largest city in a whole new perspective. Welcome to A Secret London.

Secret London by Rachel Howard

Title Secret London
Author Rachel Howard
Publisher Editions Jonglez
Release 2017
Category Travel
Total Pages 384
ISBN 9782361951108
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

London still holds hidden treasures for those who know how to wander off the beaten track. This book ia a guide for those who thought they knew London well, or who would like to discover the hidden face of the city.

Secret London by Andrew Duncan

Title Secret London
Author Andrew Duncan
Publisher IMM Lifestyle Books
Release 2015-06-01
Total Pages 192
ISBN 9781504800112
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Aimed at visitors and Londoners alike, this fully updated edition of "Secret London" unlocks the capital's most fascinating secrets - both above and below ground. Celebrated historian Andrew Duncan strips away bricks, mortar, and tarmac to uncover parts of London that even born and bred Londoners may never have seen. Below ground, he guides readers through an extraordinary honeycomb of structures - from the government's vast system of offices and tunnels under Whitehall and through abandoned Underground stations to Clerkenwell's amazing network of subterranean prison cells. Above ground, he leads the way through narrow alleyways and cobbled mews, revealing unexpected treasures and describing rarely seen interiors and special collections. Opening times and addresses, detailed route maps, and evocative photographs complement a fascinating text that is sure to delight all urban explorers.

The Secret Lore of London by Nigel Pennick

Title The Secret Lore of London
Author Nigel Pennick
Publisher Hachette UK
Release 2016-03-24
Category History
Total Pages 368
ISBN 1473620287
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

With a foreword by Iain Sinclair. London is an ancient city, whose foundation dates back literally thousands of years into the legendary prehistory of these islands. Not surprisingly it has accumulated a large number of stories, both historic and mythical, during this period, many of which, though faithfully recorded at the time, have lain almost forgotten in dusty libraries throughout the city. The Secret Lore of London is a guide to the legends, including a discussion of their importance as part of the oral tradition of Britain, combining Prehistoric, Celtic, Arthurian, Roman, Saxon and Norman levels - each of which has contributed to the many-layered life of the city. The first part contains a unique selection of essays (some printed here for the first time) by experts in their fields, each of whom possesses a unique interest in the legends of these islands, and who have written widely on associated themes. The second part of the book will consist of a Gazetteer of the sites mentioned which are still in existence, together with various other sites of associated interest, compiled by the Editor, the contributors, and members of the London Earth Mysteries Group. This part will be fully updated and extended to include many more sites. The result is a wide ranging and wholly fascinating book, with wide sales application possible. A series of appendixes will include William Stukley's extraordinary document The Brill, which relates to the ancient prehistoric sites around the area of present day St. Pancras, and excerpts from some of the best known 19th and early 20th century works on Legendary London by Lewis Spence and Harold Bayley Contributors to the book are: Nigel Pennick John Matthews Caroline Wise Caitlín Matthews Carol Clancy R.J. Stewart Bernard Nesfield-Cookson Gareth Knight Robert Stephenson Geraldine Beskin Chesca Potter William Stukeley Lewis Spence Harold Bayley Alan V. Insole Ross Nichols

Title London s Secret Square Mile
Author David Long
Publisher The History Press
Release 2011-11-30
Category Social Science
Total Pages 160
ISBN 0752480324
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The streetscape of London’s historic square mile has been evolving for centuries, but the City’s busy commercial heart still boasts an extensive network of narrow passages and alleyways, secret squares and half-hidden courtyards. Using his wealth of local knowledge, historian David Long guides you through these ancient rights of passage – many dating back to medieval times or earlier – their evocative names recalling old taverns, notable individuals and City traditions. Hidden behind the glass, steel and stone of London’s banks and big business, these survivors of modern development bear witness to nearly 2,000 years of British history.

London s Best Kept Secret by Anabelle Bryant

Title London s Best Kept Secret
Author Anabelle Bryant
Publisher Zebra Books
Release 2019-03-26
Category Fiction
Total Pages 320
ISBN 1420146467
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A deliciously sexy and passionate tale for fans of Lisa Kleypas, Anabelle Bryant’s latest Regency romance features a devious lord who will stop at nothing to possess the lady of his dreams…but can she keep his secret? In monetary matters, Jeremy Lockhart, Viscount Dearing, is used to being in control, but from his first sight of Lady Charlotte, his carefully cultivated world is rocked to its foundations. Determined to best her other, more eligible suitors, he goes to great lengths to ensure his betrothal to Charlotte. A locked black leather box holds the dark secret that has assured his success. Innocent Lady Charlotte is baffled by her new husband’s behavior. Why does Lord Dearing seem so distant one day, and so attentive the next? Her family’s dire financial straits did not allow her the luxury of an extended courtship. If only she could entice him into the marriage bed! When at last Charlotte’s efforts are rewarded, she revels in Jeremy’s unexpectedly bold possessiveness. But outside of their bedchambers, her groom’s guardedness quickly returns. Passion is no longer enough for sweet Charlotte, who vows to unlock the mystery of this complicated man. The truth, however, might be more than her principled heart is prepared to handle. . . .

Title At Her Majestys Secret Service
Author Nigel West
Publisher Frontline Books
Release 2016-06-30
Category Political Science
Total Pages 264
ISBN 1848328958
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

In August 1909, a kindly, balding, figure named Mansfield Smith-Cumming was summoned to London by Admiral Alexander Bethell, Director of Naval Intelligence. He was to assume the inaugural position of Chief – more famously known as ‘C – of what has become

Secret Societies by Philip Gardiner

Title Secret Societies
Author Philip Gardiner
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Release 2007-06-15
Category Body, Mind & Spirit
Total Pages 256
ISBN 1601639465
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

With his recent best-selling books and hundreds of articles, as well as radio and TV appearances, Philip Gardiner has started a crusade for uncovering the truth, and nothing could be more indicative of that search than his latest foray into the dark and often sinister world of secret societies. Yet again, Gardiner finds himself on a journey across the world to uncover the ancient secrets of the world’s most powerful men. In one dramatic episode he finds himself driven out of Berlin in a black Mercedes by a secret organization that was believed to have disappeared after the second World War and eventually arrives in a modern Nazi watering hole. Gardiner, however, survives this incredible journey and brings us the secrets of the Order held sacred for so long. Gardiner delves into a world that is often hidden from our eyes and finds himself in situations that seem to mirror the fictional world of the Da Vinci Code. Throughout Secret Societies, Gardiner: —Uncovers an ancient secret society thought to have died out many years ago. —Gets to the core of the secret societies’ belief systems. —Explores the secret origins of Freemasonry and the links to secret Serpent Cults. —Investigates the secret hidden meaning of King Arthur and Robin Hood. —Examines the claimants to the name of Illuminati, and analyzes the history of the group in Europe and America. —Reveals the secret links within the Vatican and the Nazi Party. —Looks in-depth at the white-powdered gold theory supposedly kept secret by orders throughout time and radically re-appraises it. —Shows the link between the so-called enlightenment experience and the control of our minds. Nobody in the genre involves themselves in the tale in the same way that Gardiner does, and here he shows that the search for ultimate truth can often be a terrifying one.

Secret Weapons by Brian J Ford

Title Secret Weapons
Author Brian J Ford
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Release 2013-09-20
Category History
Total Pages 304
ISBN 1472804724
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Deep in the bunkers of Nazi Germany, many of the world's top scientists worked to create a new generation of war winning super-weapons. A few of these, such as jet aircraft and the V2 rocket, became realities at the end of the war, others never made it off the drawing-board. Written by noted research scientist, Brian Ford, this exciting book charts the history of secret weapons development by all the major powers during the war, from British radar to Japanese ray-guns, and explains the impact that these developments eventually had on the outcome of World War II. Ford also takes a look at the weapons that never made it to development stage, as well as the more radical plans, such as the idea of turning Hitler into a woman with hormone treatment.